Saturday, June 2, 2007

Presidio School of Management

With environmental stewardship in the spotlight so much lately, large corporations are starting to realize that they, too, have a responsibility to protect the natural world. University programs and courses on sustainable business are popping up every time a new course catalogue is updated. But the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco is one to check out!
The mission statement of the school is "commitment to graduating ethical, entrepreneurial business leaders who have the passion and skills to make a healthy profit and return on investment that also supports social well-being and environmental sustainability".

Faculty include Hunter Lovins, Alexander Lazlo and Paul Sheldon to mention a few. Guest lecturers include Janine Benyus and Randy Hayes. Every teacher there has been on the board of large corporations, so if power through education is what you seek, there you will find it.
The first program to come out of PSM was DriveNeutral, a company that specializes in reducing carbon footprints for corporations and individuals. Their goal is to drive market-based solutions to global warming. DriveNeutral sponsors education programs and funds projects that tap unused renewable resources, like methane from landfills.

In 2006 Time Magazine did a special feature on Global Warming, and the project was mentioned there. To see full article

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cheetahs Cheat for Diversity

A study by the Serengeti Cheetah Project has shown that female cheetahs mate with different fathers. This poses a serious threat to females due to the increase exposure to diseases, while making them more vulnerable to predation because of the long distances they must travel to find males. However, the fact that nearly half of their litters are fathered by multiple males is great news in that it increases their chance of survival through genetic diversity.
Cheetahs are declining in numbers, and adult population is estimated at 10,000.
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