Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wind Power Law Undermines Individual's Rights to Operate Turbines

According to a post in Green Options blog, there's a new bill in Congress called the Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act "The bill, according to the nonprofit Alliance to Save Energy, promotes alternative energy and efficiency, including a green building program that would require all major new facility construction projects funded in whole or in part through the Department of the Interior, National Ocean Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, or the Forest Service to meet or exceed silver level LEED standards."
But a provision in the bill, the Global Warming Wildlife Survival Act, has some clean power officials worried.
The law will require the registration of all turbines, no matter how old, to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and gives them the right to inspection without notice. Penalties would be stiff for failure to comply, up to $50,000 per citing. Some opponents say this would create difficulties for individuals wishing to put up turbines on their homes and lands. They maintain that a separate group, Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee, will be better able to regulate turbine use in the states.
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