Saturday, March 22, 2008

Biomimetics: Design by Nature

"What has fins like a whale, skin like a lizard, and eyes like a moth? The future of engineering."

This article was sent to me from Nick Beck, friend and fellow Biologist at the Design Table (BaDT- pronounced BAT). National Geographic's Tom Mueller follows acclaimed evolutionary biologist Andrew Parker as he scours the globe looking for nature's solutions to some of our most pressing problems. We start out in the deserts of Australia, studying a tiny lizard that absorbs water through its skin and funnels it into its mouth at a stunning rate. Marvels such as this give engineers a clue as to how to solve the issue of clean drinking water where that resource is scarce.
He is but one of many biologists who practice Biomimicry, myself included. Researchers in Biomimicry have made cell phone screens easier to read, improved solar panels, revolutionized industries such as carpetting, made buildings that cool themselves, and changed the way engineers think about transportation. And that's just the beginning.

For the entire article, link here

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