Friday, April 27, 2007

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Animals have invented everything first, including the wheel.
Author Janine Benyus takes us on a journey into the world of nature and science and follows the research of biomimicry. Humans created porcelain, pretty neat invention- an incredibly strong and durable material that requires heat to strengthen. Abalone have done better-their shells are stronger than porcelain, created right next to their bodies, at conditions conducive to life.
Snails grow their structures, without using toxic substances, without cutting away unused pieces, and without waste. As they grow, so does their home. How can we do that?
Scientists are asking these questions, and many are finding surprising results. A group in Idaho have cloned mussel proteins to make a super glue that works under water. Others from the University of Leads have produced a cane for the blind using ultrasonic signals just like bats.
By learning how animals solve problems, we can learn to life on earth sustainably, safely, without compromising the health of ourselves or other species.
As I read Janine's book, I walked around for days marvelling at all the desings of nature I could see. It made me want to do some work like this myself.

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