Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SFWater Makes Nice with Bad Pet Owners

SF Public Utilities asks us this week to clean up after our pets. Nice start, but they could say a lot more. Pet feces don't just stink- they're an ecological disaster. So far they've been linked to the sudden collapse of the once-recovering populations of sea otters off the Pacific. I have a feeling the effects are not limited to sea otters, however. When you stop to think that there are 120,000 dogs in the city of San Francisco alone, and each dog poops at least once a day, well...thats a whole lot of shit.
Don't let your efforts to improve your local environment slip by pretending not to see when Sebbie or Sage or Fido poop in the ivy. You too make a difference.
for SFWater doggie request
NWF Green Pet report
Wikipedia on Sea Otters

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