Friday, April 27, 2007

Biomimicry Institute

Humans love to engineer our world, so much that we've discovered ways of altering our entire planet. But how have other animals managed to supply all the necessities of life without the benefit of our spectacular technologies inventions? That's the challenge set forth by the folks at the Biomimicry Institute in Montana: to find ways of bringing nature's solutions into the world of humans, for a world more inhabitable to us all.
The Institute currently holds lectures and workshops for architects and engineers, classes for children, college courses at universities, and soon they'll have a 2 year degree program. They're also developing their own version of an X prize for biomimicry, and a database where professionals can find solutions from nature to solve their own design challenges.
I'm excited because I've been accepted into the program, and next month will be attending a week long course called Biologists at the Design Table. It's a series for biologists, naturalists and ecologists (like me) to teach them how to use their knowledge to assist engineers, architects and designers in their work. This is perfect for a girl like me, who can identify the botanical name and habitat of just about every plant she sees, yet has a hard time relating that as anything but useless trivia to anyone else! We'll be out in the fresh air of Montana, playing and learning, and you'll be missing my blog, since I'll be far from a port (I hope).

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