Monday, April 16, 2007

The Long View: Climate Change over 650,000,000 Years

A clock to run ten thousand years? A single disk that contains all the known languages of the world? Science fiction as an indicator of future technologies?
For those of you who love science, policy, and predicting the future, have I got a group for you! Check these guys out at The Long Now Foundation. Board members include Paul Hawkens, Stewart Brand of the Whole Earth Catalogue, the music producer Brian Eno, engineering genius Danny Hillis, Kevin Kelly of Wired Magazine, Peter Schwartz of the Global Business network, and a whole cast of brilliant minds. Their goal is to promote long term thinking and policy making.
Part of their program is a lecture series once a month, at the Fort Mason Center in SF. All of their lectures are available to download, so check them out.
I Heart Long Now.

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