Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Nature of Order

"Life and beauty in the built world arise only from the processes which allow living structure to unfold. The secret lies in knowing, as nature does, what must happen in what order: what sequence of events allows a living form to unfold successfully..."
These are the words that grace the dust jacket of a thought-provoking, 4 book series called 'The Process of Creating Life' by acclaimed architect and writer Christopher Alexander.
Alexander's argument is that in nature there is a process in which structures and communities are dynamically laid out, changing as the needs of its occupants change, to unfold as a living structure. In the built environment of humans since the last century, our structures are static, and do not evolve as our needs change. He lays out the guidelines to merge three essential perspectives: Scientific; Beauty and Grace; and Commonsense, to create a future we can all live in.
I picked up this gem at my local library after an architect I work with recommended it. A must for designers who seek references to building living structures.

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